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Commodity Prices

Commodity Prices Trading Economics – Commodity Prices Investing.com – Real Time Commodity Prices IMF – International Monetary Fund – Commodity Prices – Charts IMF – Commodities CME Group – Commodity Prices ICE Exchange – Commodity Prices Bloomberg – Commodity Prices The World Bank – Commodity Markets – Data ECB – European Central Bank – Month Price Dashboard – PDF

Indices Worldwide

Indices Worldwide Heatmap – All Sektors Worldwide OCEANIA – INDEX MARKETS   Australia All Ordinaries500 ASX20 ASX-All Technology   New Zealand NZX50 ASIA – INDEX MARKETS S&P ASIA50   Bangladesh  CSE30   China SSE-All(Shanghai) SSE50 SSE180 SSE380 SZSE500(Shanghai) CSI100CapWeight(Shanghai) CSI200CapWeight(Shanghai) CSI300CapWeight(Shanghai)   HongKong HSI Hang Seng   India SENSEX Nifty50   Indonesia LQ45   Iran TEDPIX   Israel TA35 TA90 TA125   Japan Nikkei225   Jordan MSCI Jordan   Kazakhstan KASE   Malaysia FTSE Malaysia KLCI    Nepal Nepal Currency   Oman MSM30   Pakistan KSE30 KSE100   Philippines PSEi30   Qatar DSM200   Saudia Arabia MSCI Tadawul30 Tadawul-All Shares   Singapore FTSE STI   South Korea KOSPI Composite KOSPI50 KOSPI200 KOSDAQ   Sri Lanka MSCI Sri Lanka   Taiwan TWSE   Thailand SET SET50 SET100   Vietnam VNINDEX VN30 EUROPE – INDEX MARKETS EURO STOXX50 EURO STOXX600 FTSEurofirst300 S&P Europe350 CECEEURO(PL,CZ, HR) EURONEXT INDICES BÖRSE FRANKFURT XTERA   Austria ATX20 ATX-BI Basic Industrials ATX-CPS Consumer Prod. & Services ATX-FIN Financials ATX-IGS Industrial Goods & Services ATX-IATX Immobilien VÖNIX VBV Nachhalitgkeitsindex WBI – Wiener Börse Index CECEEURO(PL,CZ, HR)   Belgium BEL20 Bosnia and Herzegovina SASX10 Bulgaria SOFIX   Croatia CROBEX   Czech Republic SE PX50   Denmark OMX-C20   Finland…

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Bonds CBonds.com – International Bond Statistics Trading Economics – International Bond List World Government Bonds – International Bond List

Commodities – Other

Other Commodities Palm Oil Rubber Wool Amber

Commodities – Metals

Metals Industrial: Copper Lead Zinc Tin Aluminium Aluminium alloy Nickel Cobalt Molybdenum Recycled steel Precious: Gold Platinum Palladium Silver

Commodities – Wood

Wood Random Length Lumber Hardwood Pulp Softwood Pulp

Commodities – Energy

Energy OPEC – Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC – Annual Report 2019 – PDF WTI Crude Oil Brent Oil Ethanol Natural Gas Heating Oil Gasoline Propane

Commodities – Meat

Livestock & Meat Lean Hogs Live Cattle Feeder Cattle

Commodities – Grains

GRAINS – FOOD & FIBER Corn Oats Raugh Rice Soyabeans Rapeseed Soyabean Meal Soy Meal Soyabean Oil Wheat Milk Cocoa Coffee Sugar Orange Juice (concentrated)


INFORMATION ABOUT BANKS & CENTRAL BANKS WORLDWIDE You can find here economic & financial information about Worldwide Banks, Central Banks and Interest Rates. Relbanks.com – Banks around the World -> Bank Statistics BIS – Bank for International Sattlements INTEREST RATES – CENTRAL BANKS Interest Rates FOREX – CHARTS FOREX Charts CENTRAL BANKS WORLDWIDE AMERICA Central Bank – Name     /     Current Interest Rate     /     Country Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) The Central Bank of Argentina, also known as the “BCRA”, was established on May 28th, 1935. 60,0% Argentina Central Bank of Aruba (CBA) The Central Bank of Aruba (the Bank) started its operations on January 1, 1986. 3% Aruba Central Bank of The Bahamas The Central Bank of The Bahamas was established on 1st June 1974. 4% Bahamas Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) The Central Bank of Barbados is not a commercial bank and therefore does not offer banking services to the public. 3% Barbados Central Bank of Belize The Central Bank of Belize was established on 1st January 1982. 0% Belize Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) The Bermuda Monetary Authority is responsible for the licensing of banks, deposit companies and investment businesses. 0% Bermuda The Central Bank of Bolivia…

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Commodity Exchanges

Major Commodity Exchanges CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission      CME Group      COMEX      Tokyo Commodity Exchange      London Metal Exchange      DCE Dalian Commodity Exchange      India Commodity Exchange      MCX Metal & Energy Exchange    Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange    Russia SPIMEX      

Stock Exchanges

Major Stock Exchanges   Emerging Markets Market Statistics – Worldwide Exchanges Market Statistics – Reports & Analysis Market Statistics – All Exchanges – December 2020 All of the World’s Stock Exchanges by Size   ASIA      Moscow Exchange      Japan Exchange Group      Shanghai Stock Exchange      Shenzhen Stock Exchange      Hong Kong Stock Exchange      Korea Exchange      Taiwan Stock Exchange      Singapore Exchange      Philippine Stock Exchange      Stock Exchange of Tailand      Indonesia Stock Exchange      Bombay Stock Exchange      Tel Aviv Stock Exchange      Doha Securities Market      Tadawul      Abu Dhabi Securities Market      Dubai Financial Market      NASDAQ Dubai EUROPE      SIX Swiss Exchange      Deutsche Börse      Euronext      London Stock Exchange      Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles    AMERICA      Toronto Stock Exchange      New York Stock Exchange      Nasdaq      Chicago Stock Exchange      Mexican Stock Exchange      São Paulo B3      Buenos Aires Stock Exchange   NORDIC      Copenhagen Stock Exchange      Helsinki Stock Exchange      Iceland Stock Exchange…

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FOREX Currency Charts



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