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Commodity Prices

Commodity Prices Trading Economics – Commodity Prices – Real Time Commodity Prices IMF – International Monetary Fund – Commodity Prices – Charts IMF – Commodities CME Group – Commodity Prices ICE Exchange – Commodity Prices Bloomberg – Commodity Prices The World Bank – Commodity Markets – Data ECB – European Central Bank – Month Price Dashboard – PDF

Commodities – Other

Other Commodities Palm Oil Rubber Wool Amber

Commodities – Metals

Metals Industrial: Copper Lead Zinc Tin Aluminium Aluminium alloy Nickel Cobalt Molybdenum Recycled steel Precious: Gold Platinum Palladium Silver

Commodities – Wood

Wood Random Length Lumber Hardwood Pulp Softwood Pulp

Commodities – Energy

Energy OPEC – Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC – Annual Report 2019 – PDF WTI Crude Oil Brent Oil Ethanol Natural Gas Heating Oil Gasoline Propane

Commodities – Meat

Livestock & Meat Lean Hogs Live Cattle Feeder Cattle

Commodities – Grains

GRAINS – FOOD & FIBER Corn Oats Raugh Rice Soyabeans Rapeseed Soyabean Meal Soy Meal Soyabean Oil Wheat Milk Cocoa Coffee Sugar Orange Juice (concentrated)

Commodity Exchanges

Major Commodity Exchanges CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission      CME Group      COMEX      Tokyo Commodity Exchange      London Metal Exchange      DCE Dalian Commodity Exchange      India Commodity Exchange      MCX Metal & Energy Exchange    Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange    Russia SPIMEX      


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