Investment information for financial markets – The basic topics:

  • What do you need to know about money and yourself?
    •  What is the biggest problem in this world today?
  • How do you pick the best markets and investment cases for yourself?
    • What is a investment case?
    • What should you keep always in my mind?
  • How do you create trading strategies and make wise decisions?


What do i need to know about money and myself?

Look… In general it is not easy to get the correct perspective in our world today. We have so many things that surround us every day which can distract our overall thinking and decision making process.

You have to realize that our modern society system is based on financial slavery and consume behavior.

In more precise words… The big companies and government structures want your money and your signature on contracts to bind you for the next years. With that they create an income that can be calculated up in front for them.

If you have now multiple contracts and products that you consume on a every month basis, you can see that your hard earned money from your job gets sucked out from your bank account, slowly and in small pieces.

So change and reduce first your expenses to have more money free for investment cases. There are many traps in our world that can make you the wrong impressions.

If you ever heard about lotto winners that have lost their money after they become rich, then you know now why.

Investment is not something that you learn in any school.

What is the biggest problem in this world today?

Everything today is about to look and sound good, but mostly it’s crap that you don’t need or does not make your living better.

We talking here about all the social media platforms and commercial advertising systems, videos where people who want to make you believe that something is good or profitable for you, while its not. These marketing tricks did spread the last years all over the planet in almost every product category and will fraud or missguide you in 99% of the cases.

You have to teach yourself how to invest correctly, and the first important step is by checking your expanses and needs, so that you know what you are doing and have a good lifetime. Its a psychological expansion process and cannot be pushed. You need time for the best things in live on the long run.

Give yourself a try and dedication to it and you will see the positive outcome on multiple sides for your whole personality.

Overall, you have to feel absolutly comfortable with your investment decisions and situations.

How do i pick the best markets and investment cases for myself?

Investing is very different and there are many options in this world to invest into something.

On we focus only on finacial markets and trading opportunities to make money.

We provide for you a legit and wide information base where you can learn how to pick the best market for yourself.

This is a process of self-finding while you build up specific knowledge for yourself.

So don’t hurry, you want it slow and comfortable for yourself to build up correct understanding where you know what your opportunities are. You need to learn how you can handle risk and how to manage this.

We are not talking about position management for trades now. We will do that too, but more overall… how you can handle yourself and your thoughts inside some thinking and decision making processes. will help you in general to get a better understanding about investment and business perspectives.

What is a investment case?

A investment case is everything where you have a foundation of knowledge and understanding what you are doing.

Do not invest into some market or financial product without knowledge! You can have luck and it may work out for you once or twice, but on the long run you will give the money back to the markets.

You goal should be to make wise and exact decisions and not to gamble with your money.

What should i keep always in my mind?

  1. You play against everybody who want to get money too.
  2. You have statistics and probability against you.

Find your “edge” (strategies & wise decisions) to earn money.

How do i create trading strategies and make wise decisions? offers you a deep knowledge base about different markets and trading systems.

If you want to trade manually, semi- or full-automated, we have all what you need to know!

You can learn how to write code for trading platforms and build by yourself your own strategies out of it.

We provide for all members a big code database with pre-coded functions and algorithms, easy to understand and well documented.

In Addition we offer our members the possibility to code their ideas into trading robots for fully automated trading systems.

With you will learn exactly what you can do in different market situations and what the benefit will be. brings you big trading experience and well tested software patterns to optimize your game plan faster.

A wise decision starts with a good and honest partner, with solid know-how and wide experience!

With as your partner, you will be able to create good trading strategies for yourself.

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